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Don't Die Before The Podcast

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Aug 15, 2020

 Our guest Dr. Sean is a psychiatrist based in NY with degrees from Yale University & Mt. Sinai Med school. We took a deep dive into Mental Health during COVID and how being Black can make that even harder for you. 

01:00 Opening Questions

07:04 What type of mental health does Kanye need?

07:52 Mental Health & COVID 19

Aug 10, 2020

JeanDeGrate shares his infamous "Monday Rant".

0:28 Risking it all with a headphone less mission to Iverson Mall

01:28 Subscribing to JeanDeGrate’s Hood beef alert newsletter

03:08 P-valley has become’s JeanDeGrate’s new hate-watch show

12:38 A Black On Black Crime conspiracy

Aug 4, 2020

In this episode of Don't Die Before The Podcast, we talk with Grindstone of Grindstone Universal .

0:00-17:23 -The Warm-Up 

17:24- 39:00- Who is Grindstone & Why the fashion industry?



Jul 22, 2020

Don't Die Before The Podcast Productions presents our new spinoff Toxic Goretorium!  Gnarly Jay & Jones breaks down this 1995, Horror Film directed by Ernest Dickerson starring Jada Pinkett Smith.  Warning this one is loaded up with spoilers! 

 For more of our dope content 

Jul 11, 2020

We continue our conversation with Michael Watson from "Married at First Sight." And yes, this is the episode we ask about the "Jobs."